Ed Templeton went to Jail? The Latest News From Emerica.

Hello skate nerds,

Here’s the latest with the Emerica crew from Justin Regan:

If you live anywhere near Diamond Bar, California, you may have heard about the impromptu Active skate jam at the Diamond Bar skatepark that went down last Friday. Andrew Reynolds showed-up with his fellow Emerica teammates Kevin Long and Braydon Szafranski and put on quite a demonstration for the kids.

Not wanting to be outdone in the demo department, the next day Emerica pro Erik Ellington hitched a ride with fellow Baker pro Jim Greco to the Sun Diego Handrail Challenge in San Diego. Unfortunately for Erik and Jim, the freeway from LA to San Diego was packed with weekend beach traffic and the typically two-hour drive turned into a four-hour ordeal. Erik barely arrived in time to catch young Emerican Joey Poiriez come in up in 2nd place in the handrail comp with some stunning moves like kickflip noseslides and kickflip back lips down the ten-stair monster.

Heath Kirchart is back on board after hurting his foot last week and is already heading back out on late-night filming missions in order to wrap-up his mini-part in the Alien Workshop segment of the upcoming Habitat video, Mosaic, before deadline. Never one to give anything less than 100%, you can bet Heath’s mini-segment will be something to remember.

The Emerica crew has also been attempting to make the most of the fact that area schools are out of session and even made a trip up to Burbank on Sunday to skate a certain wooden nine-stair rail. The good news is Spanky got a frontside 180 to fakie nosegrind, back to forward, before the cops came. The other good news is that both Spanky and Herman were able to flee the scene before the long arm of the law came down.

The bad news is that when Johnny Law finally left the scene himself, he didn’t leave alone. Sitting handcuffed in the back of the squad car on their way to the booking house was photographer Scott Pommier, filmer Kevin “Boots” Barnett and Emerica pro Ed Templeton. Ed was released from jail some six hours after booking. Deanna had to drive up from Huntington Beach to the Burbank police station in the middle of the night to pick up Ed and his two wanton cohorts. Turns out the police decided to impound cohort Scott Pommier’s car, cameras and all of his gear as evidence in the upcoming court proceedings.

Chris Senn flew out to England this week to meet-up with fellow Emerica pro Tosh Townend at the Armageddon Cup contest in Birmingham. No specific results have come in yet other than “a bunch of Brazilians won.” Emerica ams Kevin Long and Bryan Herman will be leaving this week to join Tosh and Senn and give the pros a run for their money at the next two contests in Copenhagen, Denmark and Dortmund, Germany. The Emerica crew is also planning on hooking-up with the European skateboarding magazine Kingpin in Berlin in order to skate some street spots and shoot some photos between the two contests. These guys keep it real.

Be sure to check out all the latest updates on the Emerica site, at www.emericaskate.com.