El Toro’s Last Stand?

Hot news delivered via one of our MySpace friends:

Me and a couple of friends went by El Toro High and we were standing at the top of the 20 when a district worker came to give us the boot. We started making conversation, talking about the 20 and how famous it was when he told us that because of “Safety Issues they are taking it out at the end of the school year. (3 weeks) They are re-doing the whole set and putting flats in it, the guy said it will extend out farther and there will be a flat every 4 stairs or so. They are taking out the rail and putting in a kinked (obviously) square handrail. Me and my friends were talking and we thought it would be awesome if you put the word out about the death of this famous spot and we had a bunch of people to have one last sesh before they destroy it. I hope you take this into consideration to post in the mag ASAP. Once again, the district worker said around 3 weeks or a couple into summer. Please respond, I love you.

David Anderson