Element Presents: The Reese Forbes Ollie Challenge

This is it, once and for all. Who can ollie the highest?

For those lucky enough to attend the ASR show in Febuary that question will be answered. Element Team rider Reese Forbe will take on all challengers in this monumental contest for a winner-take-all griand prize of $10,000.

The obstacle will be a solid wall, similar to a freeway divider, with add-on height increments that will be fastened as competitors clear each level.

For qualifying, competitors will be given 3 chances at each different height to ollie over the obstacle. Those who do will be advanced to the next height level of competition, those who do not will be eliminated.

There is no entry fee and the only restricition is that all competitors must be pro. Number of competitors will be limited only after event response is evaluated. If you’re pro and up to the challenge get in touch with Ryan Kingman @ Giant Distribution.