Element Team News

Europe 2003

Tosh spent the month of July doing the contest circuit in Europe this summer…he is healthy and definitely a contender. First was Prague, where Tosh made the cut of 35 and ended up 6th overall. He killed it in the finals with gap to 50-50 and tailslide over the big pyramid, backside noseblunted the flat bar, and nosegrinded the tall ledge over the pyramid. Then we were off to Birmingham, which was a terrible contest, but Tosh came up again and qualified 2nd. He missed a few tricks in the finals and ended up 13th overall. Tosh owned the best trick contest though, gap to noseblunt and lip over the pyramid, and he feebled, lip, lip to fakie, and bluntslid the big rail.

$600 in the pocket and we’re off to Christiania! We fly to Copenhagen where Tosh and I spend a few days skating the Christiania bowl until Colt flies in to handle some business. They both make it to the semis and Colt ends up taking 3rd overall, winning $2500, pre-qualification to the finals in Dortmund and a spot in the X-Games. Finally Dortmund. Tosh qualifies second and makes it to the semis but doesn’t reach the finals. Colt skated almost flawlessly in the finals and got 3rd. Another $2500 for Colt, and he hops on the next flight home.


We also rented an apartment in Barcelona for the month of July. Big Hughes held it down as the landlord all month as others came in for 1 or 2 week stints. Terry came for the first 2 weeks and Jwray was there for the 2nd. Complete debauchery ensued with Vern (ODV) and McGrath (both also there for the month) behind the lenses. Hey, what happened in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse. The second half of the month brought Rupp and Elias Bingham to the flat. Rupp had the “trick of the summer (nollie the bump to bar) and it could be heard echoing through the plaza that night. Much coverage to come.


Colt, Terry, Jeremiah, Vanessa and Erick Pries spent 2 weeks in August touring Canada. This was Vanessa and Erick’s first time touring with the team and they held it down. We did demos in Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton (where we had to cut it short because a tornado touched down), and Calgary. Thanks to Jesse Landon, Alex Corey Sheppard, Cyrus, Ryan and W49 for helping us out.

X Games

Colt and Vanessa took a hiatus from the Canada tour to skate the X Games in LA. Colt took 7th and Vanessa made history by winning the first gold medal ever for womens street skating. She also deposited $2000 into her bank account and added another victory to her long list of 1st place finishes.

YMCA Skatecamp

Element held its yearly sales meeting at YMCA skate camp on Sequoia Lake in August. Our reps from around the country, Australia and Europe came out to enjoy the mountains and see the upcoming spring line. The line looks better than ever. Jeff Dickson was welcomed into the Element family and is handling hardgoods production from here on out. One notable was the Endangered Boards by Paul Urich. They are 100 one of a kind, hand painted, custom shaped boards that are truly works of art. Oh yeah, and Tinkess lost his pants going over the Wall.

We wrapped up August with the Element Week at Camp. Colt, JWray, Rupp, Jeremiah, Elias, Jesse Hotchkiss, Erick Pries, Collin Provost, Tyler Bledsoe, Ahbi and Nyjah Huston, Devon Lamb, and Lil’ Jason Gallagher spent Labor Day weekend out at camp skating with campers and starting fires from scratch. Camp director Dave Metty was in full effect with camp counselors Manidis, Kershnar, the Morgan brothers and wonderful kitchen staff. If you’ve never been there, go. Metty and his crew are the best people for the job.

Gravity Games

Colt and Tosh were invited to the Gravity Games in Cleveland, Ohio this past weekennd. Tosh sucked it up and put on a helmet to place 6th overall.


Bam has finally named his MTV show, “Viva la Bam, and will air October 26th. 411 Issue #61 will be the “Bam Issue. Terry stars in an upcoming reality show titled “Switched where he switches lives with a kid from Alaska, no seriously, Alaska for 4 days. Holy shit, can you picture Terry in Alaska? And can you picture the poor kid who moved to Long Beach for 4 days? Dates to air are undetermined.

As you may have heard, Mike Vallely has officially been added to Elements’ Legends team alongside Natas. Mike has been a driving force in skateboarding for almost 20 years now, weathering the good and the bad. Mikes aggressive, original style adds a piece to the Element puzzle that we’ve been looking for. We are proud to have Mike as part of the Element Family…look for his board dropping soon.