Elemental Awareness Contest #2

The second contest in the Element/Elemental Awareness Future Nature Am contest series went down last weekend in Bakersfield, California. The contest kicked off with the head of Bako’s Parks and Rec letting the skaters know that the city had just passed a bill to expand the skatepark. Needless to say, the kids were hyped. Tons of local rippers came out and showed us how strong the Bakersfield skate scene really is. Over 100 kids entered the contest, but in the end only one was crowned champion in their respective divisions. In the 13 and under category, Ronnie Yocum took home top billing. The 14-17 category went to Joseph Reyes along with a Element YMCA Skatecamp scholarship. In the 18 and up division, underdog and newcomer to the event Fabian Irving slid by the tough competition to take first place. Overall, it was a great day of skating with a great vibe throughout the contest. Check out a full report at elementskateboards.com