Elemental Awareness Fundraiser at Slam City Jam

Transworld Skateboarding has teamed up with Element Skateboards to do something positive at this year’s Slam City Jam. Between April 30th and May 2nd, the two companies will raise money for Elemental Awareness, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with youth through the avenues of skateboarding and nature skills. Magazine subscriptions, limited edition T shirts, and DVDs are some of the items featured in a priced to sell package sold exclusively at Slam City Jam. In addition, Element team riders will be signing autographs to show their support for this unique and dynamic organization. Money raised from the purchase of the packages will be used towards scholarships for Skate Camp, free entry youth skate contests, and the support of after school skate programs. For more information on Elemental Awareness visit www.elementalawareness.org.

The mission of elemental awareness is to reach out to youth through the avenues of skateboarding and nature skills, in order to develop self-esteem, awareness, and the tools to lead successful lives… from a kickflip to a campfire.