Elwood & 1% For The Planet

Elwood Clothing + 1% for the Planet

(Los Angeles, CA) Elwood Clothing is pleased to announce its membership to 1% for the Planet, an environmental group of businesses who pledge to donate 1% of their profits each year to create a healthier planet. The skateboard clothing company, known for its classic approach to casual favorites, is looking forward to the opportunity to give something back to the environment. Palmer Brown, Elwood Clothing Founder and President says, “This is something we have been interested in for a long time. We are privileged to have a customer base that shares our concern for the environment.

Elwood’s membership coincides with plans to launch an environmentally friendly line of clothing in the coming season. Named for Elwood’s team rider Kenny Anderson, the “Kenny Anderson Signature Line incorporates sustainable fabrics such as hemp and bamboo as well as organic cotton and recycled materials. Anderson, who has been involved with Elwood since it began in 1996, has been an environmental activist for quite some time. He not only drives a car that runs on vegetable oil but also makes a conscious effort to buy only organic, locally grown food. “As my position grew in skateboarding, I began to investigate what I could do to help the environment. I wasn’t aware of all the options within skateboarding as a business to promote something more positive for the planet. 1% for the Planet is one thing we can do to help, Anderson says.

1% For the Planet was launched in 2001 by Yvon Chouinard, environmental activist and founder of Patagonia, Inc., and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies. It is now a worldwide group of over 235 environmentally conscious businesses with the aim to prove that taking environmental responsibility is good for business.

For more information, please visit onepercentfortheplanet.org and elwoodclothing.com.