Emerica Launches Web Site

Lake Forest, CA. (October 24, 2003) – Believe the hype, the new Emerica web site is the finest skateboarding site to date!

In addition to a new Team section full of in-depth biographies, interviews and photos of all of our team riders (including our up-and-coming Young Emericans) and an ever-growing More section featuring travel journals, behind-the-scenes articles and other random interviews (all with photos), the newly-upgraded site is loaded with new features meeting the standards of the world’s top internet gurus.

The most notable of these features is the new Blab system. What the hell is a Blab? Well, if you’re not familiar with the Rant section in last year’s Emerica site, shame on you. Basically, the Rant system allowed skateboarders to give feedback by posting messages in the News section of the web site about which skaters did what, where, when, why and how. Naturally, the more praise and smack-talking that went down, the better.

The new Emerica site has taken things a step further (and put matters even more into the hands of the skaters) by replacing the Rants with the more extensive Blabs system, allowing skateboarders everywhere to comment on just about anything, anywhere in the site. From the latest Emerica shoes and apparel to all of our team riders and their shenanigans to all of our ads and Feature stories, we know you’ve got something to say, so spill it.

Also note that the new site has been built according to the latest W3C recommendations–a first in the skateboard industry! These web standards allow us to develop and update the site quicker, reduce bandwidth, offer cross browser compatibility and improve the overall user experience.

The entire Emerica crew would like to thank Emericans Yogi Proctor for the art direction, Appelman for the web design, Sadie Roberts for production, Team Manager Justin Regan for all of his help, Garry Davis for the great team rider interviews, bios and Photoshop work, Phillip Jones for bossing everyone around, plus Don Brown, Yasemin Oktay and Mark Waters for their direction, and–most importantly–to each and every skateboarder in the world.

What are you waiting for? Get back on your ass and check out the brand spankin’ new Emerica site at www.emericaskate.com. To learn more about all of the kick-ass features of the site from the Emerica Web Nerd, check out www.huphtur.nl/emericaskate.