Emerica Welcomes Collin Provost


Words from Emerica Team Manager, Jeff Henderson:
"As a team manager, you have to keep a constant look out for up and coming skaters who will possibly one day be a member of the team. A while back Remy Stratton from Volcom told me that Collin Provost, a young buck at the time, wanted to ride for Emerica. I started flowing him shoes and took him on some trips. He was really young but you could tell he was a such natural. Over the years we saw Collin grow and become very powerful on a skateboard. An all terrain ripper, he has the skills to make everything look really easy. The Emerica team took notice of Collin stepping it up over the past couple of years. After sticking it out on flow and putting in some hard work he has earned himself a spot on the Emerica team. Congratulations Collin and welcome aboard! Here is a little taste of what to expect from Collin Provost in Stay Gold!"

Stay Gold the Emerica video is coming soon, but in the mean time take a gander at Colin's two minute, yes two minute welcome video here: (Note: This is Colin's Emerica Stay Gold throw away footy.)