enjoi Tour Dates, Skaterade News

Riders and Tour Dates:

Pros:Louie BarlettaJerry HsuJason AdamsBobby PuleoCaswell Berry

Ams:Tony ManfreClark HasslerJose RojoSean Payne

(Also a special guest)… maybe.


1. WISCONSIN – Milwaukee Mad City Skate Jam — AUGUST 21st 1-7pm @ the Wil-Mar Community Center

2. VERMONT — Talent Skatepark — AUGUST 24th 4pm

3. NEW YORK — TSX — AUGUST 27th 4pm

4. NEW YORK — Blades — AUGUST 30th 4pm (autograph session)

5. NEW JERSEY — NJ Skates — SEPTEMBER 1st 3pm

6. PHILADELPHIA — Amateur Athlete — SEPTEMBER 5th 5pm

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SKATERADE launches “Revolution Distribution”

Revolution Distribution is a beverage distribution company (based in Orange County, CA) that will focus on selling SKATERADE beverages to convenience stores, grocery chains, and other retail locations where beverages are sold. SKATERADE and Revolution are both owned and operated by legendary pro skater Salman Agah. With a fleet of branded vans, and sales reps on the road every day, Revolution is sure to bring public awareness of SKATERADE to new levels. While SKATERADE will continue working with its main distributors (Giant, aWh, and Eastern) to reach the core skate shops, they are using Revolution to reach other locations.

During these last four months since we launched SKATERADE, the first thing people ask us is where can I buy it! “Considering that a skate shop usually isn’t the first place a person goes when they are thirsty…we want our products to be available to people “in select convenience stores and grocery chains” says Agah. We mainly target stores that are in close proximity to skateparks. Since March 1st 2004, SKATERADE has sold thousands of cases to hundreds of skate shops and skatepaks all over the US. The energy drink has been very well-received by skaters and non-skaters alike. People not only love the taste (with the typical response being “tastes better than Red Bull!”), but love the label design and clever name.

SKATERADE is already available in select convenience stores around Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa, so please Join the Revolution! by asking for SKATERADE the next time you step foot into any store to buy a drink. We appreciate your support!

SKATERADE founded by SALMAN AGAH and co-founded by SCOTT WEBER, is the first beverage company to ever make drinks by skaters for skaters and the world! THE FUTURE IS NOW!