éS Skateboarding Proudly Welcomes Ben Raemers to the Team
Ben's official team announcement was sidetracked by an ankle injury, but he's already booked for a team trip in April to the States to start skating with the rest of the éS team in full-force. Down but not out, Ben will be shredding any terrain in his path very soon. Welcome to the team Ben! Go to eSskateboarding.com to check out Ben's team page for any additional Raemers updates.

About Ben Raemers:
Don’t let these simple mannerisms fool you, this softly spoken Brit wields a powerful stick. Ben Raemers’s ascent through the ranks, although swift, comes as no-surprise to the folks of the 'green and pleasant land'. Like the youthful sap rising swiftly through the oaky trunk of British skateboarding; his boundless enthusiasm and positivity breathe life into every trip he embarks on. Ben has more than proved his worth on numerous occasions over the years and all the notches he’s been slowly carving into everything he skates have not gone un-noticed. In 2009 he began to reap the rewards and he and his skateboard finally began to make their way around the world, for free.