etnies’ Go Skateboarding Day Event Goes Off

June 21, skateboarders across the globe did what was necessary to evade work and school in order to skate and celebrate Go Skateboarding Day.  More than 1000 of those skateboarders, their friends and families headed to the etnies’ Skatepark of Lake Forest to skateboard, relax, barbeque and have some fun.      

Skateboard legends like Tony Hawk, Paul Schmitt, Per Welinder, Sole Technology’s senior VP of marketing Don Brown and etnies owner/CEO Pierre André all showed up to skate and check the scene as well. 

The all-day party included free food, drinks and a “Death Race contest and a raffle. The raffle raised $736 and all proceeds from the raffle went to the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest Fund, which exists to raise money to cover the skatepark’s operating expenses to keep it free in the future. The product for the raffle was donated by etnies, Flip, Baker, Birdhouse, Fury and Hook-ups.

The four-man death race started in the street section of the park and looped through the flow section.   

Death Race Results

1. Nick Gates

2. Kenny Roth

3. Paul Schmit

4. Chris Sidner 

Finding obscure spots with your friends is one of the best parts of skateboarding.  In this spirit, a few of the guys from Sole Technology (as well as some non-skating supporting co-workers) headed out to a little spot in the Cleveland National Forest for an unofficial wallride contest.  Brews were cracked, walls were ridden, skateboards got skated and good times were had 

Shane Cox won the contest with a 6’2 wall ride — that included about four feet of vert! 

Unofficial Wall Ride Contest Results

1. Shane Cox — 6’2

2. Chris Gonzales — 4’9

3. Noel Paris — 3’2 

The countdown has begun for next year’s Go Skateboarding Day, only 364 days are left until skateboarding’s biggest holiday!