etnies GvR Results

Regular Defeats Goofy at the First-Ever etnies GvR of Skateboarding

– Bastien Salabanzi Helps Lift the Regular Team to Victory With aFirst-Place Finish and MVP Award –

Since the dawn of time, man has, bynatural individual instinct, been left-handed or right-handed, left-brainedor right-brained, and goofy or regular. That’s right, Goofy (right footforward) or Regular (left foot forward). Though all skateboarders arecreated equal, an age-old question has finally been answered: which stanceis better?

At the first-ever $55,000 etnies GvR (Goofy vs. Regular) of Skateboarding,

Skateboarder Magazine’s Regular Team defeated The Skateboard Mag’s GoofyTeam after a heated battle at the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest. TheRegular Team collected over $30,000 as skaters such as Bastien Salabanzi,Leo Romero and Chris Senn helped lift the Regular Team to a resoundingvictory.

In round one, etnies team rider Bastien Salabanzi earned the highest scoreof the round for the Regular Team. Salabanzi worked the entire course withtricks such as a big backside flip over the barricade, kickflip nose manual180 out on the ledge and a stylish 360 flip. Paul Rodriguez earned an 89.25to get the highest score for the Goofy Team with a backside lipslide downthe rail, kickflip nose manual on the ledge and a switch kickflip to flatover the double set of stairs. At the end of the round, the Regular Teamcame out ahead with 1161 points while the Goofy Team secured 1119 points.

During round two’s jam session, the energy level soared as Salabanzicontinued to stick trick after trick. Salabanzi pulled a high-speed Cabkickflip, Paul Rodriguez stuck a huge switch heelflip over the double setand Leo Romero rode away from a kickflip frontside 50-50 on the down rail.The Goofy Team came back with heavy-hitters like Colt Cannon, who landed afrontside half-cab kickflip over the 12-stair and a nose manual shove-it,while Austin Seaholm pulled a frontside tailslide heelflip and a noseslideto backside tailslide on the same ledge, but it just wasn’t enough in theend. The Regular Team secured 2020.5 points while the Goofy Team secured1916.5 points.

“I’m using the money for my house payment, said France’s Bastien Salabanziafter collecting his $12,000 in winnings. “Everyone helped out so much onthe team, not just me, but all the skaters. Salabanzi continued, “I likedthe format of the event as there was no pressure with the jam sessions. Ijust gave it my best, as I didn’t feel the pressure of only a one-minuterun. You can really tell who has what tricks out there with this format.

It was all about good times and good friends as skaters of all ages came outfor the Friday night’s Bowl Contest. Christian Hosoi and the rest of thepanel of judges awarded Benji Galloway the first-place prize in the Prosdivision while Omar Hassan and Brian Patch placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.Galloway pulled out tricks such as an eggplant revert, 360 over the hip, anda tailslide revert to lock in the $1,000 prize. In the Grand MastersDivision, former Bones Brigade member Lance Mountain’s smooth style andtricks such as a backside slider, body jar and fastplant grabbed himfirst-place honors and $500. Nick ‘Mad Dog’ Henderson and Pat Ngoho placed2nd and 3rd respectively in the Grand Masters division.

“Being in skateboarding events for over 25 years, the etnies GvR contest isone of the most exciting and fun events ever in skateboarding, said PierreAndrĂ© Senizergues, CEO/Owner of etnies and former world champion”regular-footed skateboarder. “It was incredibly exciting watching twoteams going head to head, working as a team instead of against each other. Ican’t wait until next year’s event to see if the Regular Team can defendtheir title for yet another year.

In addition to all the skateboarding action, a solid line-up of bands tookthe Epitaph stage throughout the weekend. On Saturday, punk bandContribution, the five-piece rock band Waking Ashland, and alternativerockers Aphasia peerformed and on Sunday, alt-rockers Aphasia hit to thestage with South Bay rockers 1208 and rock trio High Speed Scene.

In the Festival Village, event sponsors such as SoBe hosted its famousLizard Lounge, complete with video games and beverages welcoming spectatorsto hang out. At the Fender Guitars tent, fans picked-up custom “Kill Goofyor “Death to Regular guitar picks, and the etnies booth spectators won achance to go head-to-head in oversized sumo wrestling costumes and winprizes such as etnies gear, portable skate ramps from Freshpark, completeskateboards, magazine subscriptions and much more.

“It was a phenomenal weekend, said Mayor Peter Herzog from the City of LakeForest. “The etnies Skatepark is a great place for a first-ever contestlike the etnies GvR of Skateboarding and the City of Lake Forest looksforward to having it again next year.”

Be sure to catch all of the action from the etnies GvR of Skateboarding in aone-hour special to air on the FUEL TV network November 25th. Check locallistings for airtimes.

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GvR – $50,500 Total

Regular Team-$31,000

1. Bastien Salabanzi $10,000

2. Kurtis Colamonica $5,000

3. Leo Romero $2,500

4. Johnny Layton $2,000

5. Chris Senn $1,500

6-15th $1000 each

Goofy Team-$7,500 ($500 for each team member)

MVP Regular Team-Bastien Salabanzi $1000

MVP Goofy Team-Colt Cannon $1000

Bowl Contest – $4,500 Total


1. Benji Galloway $1000

2. Omar Hassan $600

3. Brian Patch $500

4. Jimmy ‘the Greek’ $400

5. Bruno Passos $300

6. Chris Senn $200

Grand Masters

1. Lance Mountain $500

2. Nick ‘Mad Dog’ Henderson $400

3. Pat Ngoho $250

4. Chris ‘Cookie’ Cook $150

5. Jeff Grosso $100

6. Jim Gray $100