etnies Skatepark Free To Public

Hearing news that the three million dollar, three acre public skatepark was planning to charge a membership fee to maintain its use, etnies owner, President, CEO and former professional skateboarder Pierre AndrĂ© Senizergues met with the City of Lake Forest Tuesday to discuss how to make the park free and open to everyone without any fees. “People will go broke if they have to pay all the time,” said Pierre, laughing. “Our park is way too good!”

Remembering that he had to pay a fee to skate a local park near his hometown of Antony, France, Pierre recalled how he and his friends often had trouble finding the funds to skate as much as they wanted to. That same humbling feeling has stayed with Pierre throughout his life, and was a driving factor in calling a meeting with the City about the annual and daily fees for the etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest.

During the meeting, Lake Forest City Manager Bob Dunek and Assistant City Manager Mark Pulone described their own passion to give the community a free all access public skatepark. ” We would love to make this park completely free,” insisted Bob. “Let’s see if we can work something out to make this skatepark something very special for our community.”

Working together as they always have, etnies and the City of Lake Forest figured out a plan that will ensure the park is a free facility. Thanks to a large financial investment on etnies behalf, which will pay staff and maintenance fees, the City guarantees that the skatepark will be free for at least the first year of operation. Each additional year will be financed through special etnies contests and events, generating enough revenue to help the park become a self-sufficient operation.

“This is huge,” said Mark Pulone at the end of the meeting. “We’ve accomplished something really great today!” The deal will be presented to the City Council on December 2, and once approved go into effect immediately, thanks to etnies and the passionate representatives of the City of Lake Forest!

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