Etnies Team News

Better, faster, stronger…we have the technology.

Recent changes to the Etnies team include a new team manager. Mr. DaveHuong, born in Alberta, Canada in ’78, was raised here in Cali (Seal Beach)and has been skateboarding since he was eleven years old. Dave grew upriding with Rob G, Mark Nismet, Austin Stephens, Danny Montoya and the whole508 crew.

With extensive experience as a skate cinematographer, Dave has worked on411, with Mark Nismet on New Horizon, and most recently on the Toy Machinevideo. Dave is also into his art, painting, drawing, music and photography.

Dave has been a part of the extended Etnies family for years. Back in theFountain Valley days of Etnies, he used to help Don Brown move boxes inexchange for kicks.

In other Etnies team news, Fabrizio “the breeze” Santos, Rob G and LincolnUeda have been filming for the highly anticipated New Deal video (New Dealhasn’t released a video since ’95). The release date was pushed back due toinjuries, with both Rob & Lincoln breaking their legs. Lincoln’s cast willbe coming off at the end of September, and Rob is fully recovered and havingping-pong tourneys with at his house with his brand new table.

Chris Lambert has been listening to the Marvin Gaye box set and filming forthe upcoming expedition video. Expedition released a “coming soon” promovideo about a year and half ago and everyone is ready for it!

Carlos de Andrade continues to place in every contest he enters, placing 9thin last weeks Gravity Games.

Elissa Steamer’s new “designed by” shoe (the Tross) is slated for release inJanuary 2002. Steamer just made a move from Toy Machine to Baker Boards.

Expect to see new things from the Etnies team in 2002 and one more excitingnew addition…during a time filled with so much tragedy and death, it’s mygreat pleasure to report something beautiful about life. Mike Vallely andhis wife Ann are due at any moment to welcome their second child. The newbaby Vallely will join sister Emily (who just started the 3rd grade). Goodluck Mike, Ann, Emily and baby!