etnies/SHUT Rap-High

What Skates Around Comes Around…  

etnies and SHUT Celebrate Being Skateboarder-owned and Operated Since 1986 

With so many big businesses having infiltrated skateboarding over the years, remaining skateboarder-owned and operated is a challenge these days. However, etnies and SHUT Skateboards have remained skateboarder-owned and operated since 1986.  To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, etnies and SHUT decided to have some fun together and created the limited-edition etnies SHUT Rap-High, and a limited-edition Pierre André SHUT skateboard deck. 

No, he didn’t come out of retirement…just a limited-edition Pierre André SHUT Skateboard Deck 

In 1978 Pierre André went to watch a pro demo by the Eiffel Tower where he saw Jeremy Henderson perform tricks that would change his life forever.   

Since that demo, Pierre André had a remarkable professional skateboarding career and launched etnies in the USA, supporting the skateboarding scene and industry since the beginning.  Jeremy and Pierre did not meet again until few years ago in New York City. It was then that Pierre discovered Jeremy was part of the SHUT Skateboards legacy—a company also celebrating their 20 year anniversary in 2006.    

“With a common passion and love for skateboarding it was an honor for me to be able to celebrate this 20 year milestone with someone that was an inspiration and legacy to me since the beginning, said Pierre André Senizergues, owner and CEO of etnies