European Market and Beyond-European Industry Gathers At ASR

Over 50 manufacturers, company owners, and distributors, representing fourteen countries from the European skateboard industry gathered for a breakfast meeting on Saturday, September 6 for a brief discussion held by TransWorld SKATEboarding Business magazine.

A short address was given by Saba Haider, editor of SKATE Biz, presenting several initiatives the magazine is making to strengthen its coverage of the European market and work with manufacturers, distributors, and brands in the region.

“I think it was great to get the European industry together and let them know how you’re planning to help them,” says Steve Douglas of NDUK Distribution in England.

SKATE Biz is implementing a regular International News section in the magazine and working with ispo and ASR trade shows to increase SKATE Biz’s European presence in order to be more accessible to the European industry to address both their respective markets and concerns.

SKATE Biz will also conduct a pan-European retailer survey this fall that directly involves retailers in Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and Ireland. Similar to the biannual U.S. survey, European retailers will be contacted directly with the SKATE Biz Retailer Survey to determine trends and issues in their markets. Results of this survey are anticipated to be released by winter 2003/04 in SKATE Biz and on

Requests for more information on any of these matters or any questions, comments, and concerns may be directed to Saba Haider via e-mail at: