Excessive Newshit!

Flip Update

Ali, Geoff, Arto, Bastien, Rune and Eric Fletcher the new hot shot are in Mallorca filming for the new Flip video (which is well under way, and will be coming out when it comes out at a time that is right (and only then) and not before then!

Mark Appleyard is in Barcelona in pursuit of better skate spots, and gathering footage for the new Flip video.

Tom Penny is in Buenos Aires, Argentina on a secret underground filming mission.

David Gonzales the other red hot potato has just been tearing it up in Brazil and Chile on a Globe tour, after visiting OZ for the Globe contest along with Geoff and Appleyard.

It’s that Kayo It’s Official premiere tour! Check the flier.

Team News

Lucas Puig on Autobahn. Pro wheel coming soon.

Jack Sabback on Popwar.

Gershon Mosley is now riding for Finesse skateboards and will be distributing a video project filmed by Gershon called a (obtuse concept) this project will feature the lifestyle and scenes of skateboarders, artists, and other artisted projects from Gershon.
Finesse team 2006:
Gershon Mosley, Jed shooter, Brent Willard, TimThomas, Rod James
Video project in the works.

Aw hell, them Tiltmode boys is at it again.

Skatepark Of Tampa Party!
Saturday March 11, 2006
at the Skatepark of Tampa
Doors 7 PM
enjoi Bag Of Suck premiere at 7PM
Two kegs of free beer.
Featuring bands: Badshit, this bike is a pipe bomb, Sexy, and Ampline. Start at 8:30
S.P.O.T. 813-621-6793