Exit Skate Classic III Results


(August 5, 2006)

Skaters of all ages assembled in Salem, Oregon at The Bush Pasture Park soap box derby track on Saturday, August 5th, to compete in a range of events. The third annual EXIT Skate Classic consisted of 4 events; high jump (high ollie), long jump (long ollie), slalom and game of skate. For five bucks, skaters were registered for one or more events and since everyone got an event t-shirt with entry, you pretty much couldn’t lose.

Created by the owners of EXIT real world skate and snowboard shop, the EXIT Skate Classic was designed to appeal to skaters of all ages. Although the line up of events varies from year to year, the basic elements of skateboarding are always the focus. The event organizer wanted to create a contest that would stand out among the other hosts of skateboard contests every summer and endure time.

The high jump was your classic highest ollie contest over theadjustable bar. Longest ollie was a straight (actually, slightly uphill) pushing take-off with a mild dropping pitch on which paint cans are added each time the round of survivalists makes it over cleanly. In both the high jump and the long jump, competitors got a second chance if they bonked or bocked there attempt. Every skater that made it over the obstacle each round moved on to the next level, with a heightened bar in there path in high jump or an added can in in their landing for long jump.

The game of skate started off in games of three and then deduced down to doubles games to battle it out. Of course the game of skate was the whipper snapper generation of the crowd, but there was a talk of 46-year-old Dennis Franklin (former freestyle pro) joining the game of skate. It would have been interesting if he did. Franklin surely has some tricks that would have left the laughing surprisedly. Although declined the game of skate, he went on to the place 3rd in the slalom even though he didn’t even know there was a contest that day, he was just there skating with his son that morning and learned of the contest by chance.

EXIT real world co-owner, Jake Hauswirth, having been hooked on skateboarding since 1986, said, “I’ve always appreciated the heritage of skateboarding and would like to offer a live glimpse of it to the today’s skaters.” Hauswirth also said, “Kids today can do mind blowing tricks and switch ollie down 15 stairs… but, most don’t really take the time to sidewalk surf! Sidewalk surfing is so fun and speeding through cones going downhill is a quick way to realize it. I bring extra boards for the slalom so the street skaters don’t have an excusenot to try it.”

This year about 500 people gathered at the third annual EXIT Skate Classic, to skate, eat free hot dogs and watch other skaters throw themselves around. Many spectators stuck it out through the four hour contest to take home goods from the awards product toss from companies such as Ninja Bearings, Gravity, Powell, Vans, Sector Nine, Hook-Ups, Da Kine, Ancient Inc., Burton and EXIT real world.-Julius Samiee


HIGH JUMP (highest ollie)

1. Scott Inman 35″
2. Oscar Navarro 34″
3. Mike Zimmerman 34″

LONG JUMP (longest ollie)

1. Oscar Navarro 23 paint cans
2. Sebastian Walker 22 paint cans
3. Brian Dickinson 21 paint cans

SLALOM (60 cone hybrid single lane)

1. Pete Ingraham (23.13 seconds)
2. Matt French (26.16 seconds)
3. Dennis Franklin (28 seconds)


1. Sebastian Walker
2. Jacob Becker
3. Brian Dickinson