Expedition’s Alone Premiere

The first showing of Expedition’s Alone was so packed that a ton of people had to wait outside for the later viewing. The crowd was your typical rowdy kids shouting, causing ruckus, and screaming whenever their local heroes came on the screen. And as far as local heroes, Kyle Leeper must of had the most friends there because when his part came on the place went nuts. Kyle’s part was definitely worth all the cheers though, that guy skates fast and does some crazy stuff, like that big spin over the Sorrento Valley gap! Insane.

From there Richard Angelides, Chany Jeanguenin, Stefan Janoski, Ryan Gallant, Alfonso Rawls, and Chris Lambert all had great parts. I’m not going ramble off all their tricks, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you see this video. The editing is great, skating is insane, and it just has a real nice flow. However, you might be a bit a bit disappointed about how crappy these digital photos are! Damn, remind me not to use this camera again. To make up for it I managed to smuggle out some bootleg footage of the actual premiere as it was going down!