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Kerry Getz, all rested up after filming for his part in the DVS 2005 Team Video “Skate More,” is out filming for the new Habitat Skateboard Video. It’s a bit cold over in Philly but he’s dealing with it.

Louie Barletta has traded his Osiris Shoes for DuFFS but that hasn’t slowed him down from filming for the upcoming enjoi Video. He has also been putting the finishing touches on his Super Stylish Ezekiel “Louie Barletta Collection,” which will be dropping some time in the second half of 2006.

Mike York has switched out his Venture Trucks for a new pair of Grind King’s. Not only is he helping rebuild their team, he’s also filming for the Grind King Team Video which should be released late 2006 or early 2007. On top of that Mike’s also filming for a New Chocolate Video and a part in the new TransWorld Video. Where both of those are to drop in 2006.

New additions to the Family:
Derek Fukuhara from Orange, CA.
Jason Wakuzaha from Torrance, CA.
Sean Conover from Gainesville, FL
Evan Smith from Orlando, FL

We are super excited to add all these guys to the team, they definitely have very good careers ahead of them. Teamed Up With Jeremy Holmes, StewartGraham & Daryl Angel there1s definitely not a better Am Team In Skateboarding.

Ezekiel Skate Team 2006


Kerry Getz
Louie Barletta
Mike York


Jeremy Holmes
Stewart Graham
Daryl Angel
Derek Fukuhara
Jason Wakuzaha
Sean Conover
Evan Smith