Words by Luca Somberac. Photos by Eric Guizzetti
Last Saturday May 1 was the grand opening/spring kickoff of Fairfield, Connecticut's newest skatepark located at Jennings Beach. The day started off great with a lot of kids and crews in attendance. Crews from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and, of course, Connecticut all came out to join in the festivities. Appearances from the 5boro and Habitat flow teams got everyone stoked. There was even a Kerry Getz sighting! The true highlight of the day was the best trick contest that went down the seven stair. Kids were going for any and everything. Highlights of the best trick included first place John Desimas' switch frontside bluntslide down the rail and second place Dillion Buss' total annihilation, which included a back 360, nollie heel, nollie backside heel, and a switch flip that won him 20 bucks and two tickets to the Maloof Money Cup from Steve Rodriguez. Other memorable tricks that went down were Doogie's frontside 360 and 360 flip. All the kids were going for broke and it made for an awesome best trick contest. Unfortunately the day got shut down early by the brilliant Fairfield Police, who issued warnings to Steve Rodriguez and Jeff Walsh for lack of PA permits. This came as a shock especially since earlier in the day the town's First Selectmen and Director of Parks And Recreation used the megaphone to congratulate the kids in working to get the park built. After the warning was issued it was decided that it was time for a product toss, and what a brutal one it was. Product was donated from Day One Skateshop,  5boro, Division East, NJ Skateshop, TWS, and Toebock. The kids went nuts wrestling for boards, shirts, DVDs and stickers. And what would the day be without a parking lot fight, in which an unknown ripper inflicted a beat-down on some old dude who was wailing on a kid. It was a shame the other best trick contests couldn't go down but everyone kept an upbeat attitude and made the best of what went down. After the contest everyone headed over to Day One Skateshop for an epic kegger/mini ramp session. It was a sick day, despite the drama. Big ups to TransWorld, Toebock, Day One, and 5boro for getting this event going. Hopefully we can get a PA permit next time and let the kids murder the remaining obstacles in the park!


5boro crew.


Two Hawks Young, nollie flip.


Steve Rodriguez on the megaphone.


Adam Crew, nollie backside flip.


Dillion Buss, 360 ollie.


Bobby Dorin, blunt kickflip fakie.


Dillion Buss, kickflip over the whole enchilada.


Lien air.