Fall Brawl Results

Fall Brawl Beats Up the Competition 

The smoke has cleared, the dust has settled and the damage bill has been assessed on the 10th annual Fall Brawl. And what can be said other then wow? The Boston Snow Sports show had no idea what was about to happen as the areas best skaters rolled their way into the Expo Center to skate the Waterville Valley street course and mini ramp. Laser flips, blunt fakie wall rides, airwalks, bigspin boardslides, transfer gaps, all present and accounted for from the likes some of the East Coast’s Best like Manny Santiago, Ed Driscol, Dana Ericson, Dan Carrarieo and young gun Nolan Monroe. In the end someone had to be awarded the splendors of victory and our judges lead by head judge and East Coast pro skate extraordinaire Charlie Wilkins assessed the action. In the grom under 15 division Brett Pagoda stood atop the podium with Rafael Pereira and Eamon Samosia by his sides. In the pro division, Oakley Team rider and all around wild style character Manny Santiago took top honors and $1,000 bucks home. However, the second place finisher Dan Carrarieo was no ordinary second placer, wowing the entire Boston area with his transfers and construction hardhat style. Third place was so tight there was a tie between perennial Fall Brawler Ed Driscol and our man from south of the boarder Victor Vidal.

Speaking of ridiculous skaters, Oakley brought out some talent to skate, sign autographs, and kick it with the crowd. Skateboarding legend Chris Senn along with smoking Dave Bachinsky, Fall Brawl winner Manny Santiago, and young buck Will Marshal were all there to attend Fall Brawl and then move to. At the afterparty we were all so lucky to see the East Coast Premier of Oakley’s new movie Our Life.

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