Four Pack For Analog


Irvine, Calif. (May 30, 2007)—Analog Clothing today announced that Arto Saari, Omar Salazar, Dylan Rieder and Stefan Janoski have signed on as the newest additions to the company’s skate team. The announcement is the latest in a series of changes that the company has undergone, including the addition of Mark Oblow as Creative Director for Skate and Mo Torres as Global Marketing Director, to ensure the success of its skate team and its increased dedication to skateboarding.

“Analog is really excited about adding Arto, Omar, Dylan and Stefan to a really talented team of athletes, says Jerry Lund, General Manager for Analog. “And with Oblow and Mo now heading up our marketing group, we have the talent to really support the athletes and the sport.

The new crew will join longtime Analog mainstays like Brian Sumner and Jon Goemann to round out one of the strongest clothing brand teams in skateboarding. Arto, in addition to being Thrasher‘s Skater of the Year (2001), is regularly seen along with Omar and Stefan in TransWorld‘s Exposure Meter. And Dylan was recently named Rookie of the Year by The Skateboard Mag. Upcoming plans for the year include global tours, video productions, as well as events and contests.

“This is a new book, not just turning a new leaf—it’s a whole new book, says Arto.

“We are all excited to be together again and working as a productive and prosperous team, says Mo Torres, Global Marketing Director for Analog.