Free Your Mind Nationwide Premiers Report, see photos.

It all starts with this question. What shops can we get thisyear for the Transworld Nationwide Premiere? Since the Modus Operandi videoI have been putting these Nationwide Premiers together with the help ofDavid Stoddard, Laurie Berthold and Cody King. Its difficult to meet deadlines, get shops to commit, sponsors to sendproduct out on time and of course getting the video to all the locations.

This year was another successful turnout for the latestTransworld video “Free Your Mind” featuring Dan Drehobl, Rob Welsh, DarrellStanton and many more. There were 17 shop/parks that Premiered the videoand every location went off. Free product from the following sponsorsstoked kids out as well as watching another Transworld hit. Aesthetics,Elwood, Volcom and Tracker Trucks were very generous enough to donate freegoods for all the kids and no one left disappointed. There were anywherefrom 50 to 100 people at every location. Kids in every state were pumped tosee the next creation from Jon Holland, Ewan Bowman and Jason Hernandez.

Like all the other Transworld videos “Free Your Mind” coveres everything from tranny to street. Classic comedy bits from Frank Gerwer and Tony Tujillio who play crazy cab drivers and some sick montages. Dan Drehobl has the first part and destroys everything in his way. He is definitely one of my favorite skaters out there right now. Next is Rob Welsh and this guy can flip his board anywhere he wants and and stick it every time. Darrell Stanton has the last part and justflows. He makes every trick look so easy. All in all this is a great videoand I heard the DVD will have extra footage as well. So go out and get it June10Th.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to any of the locationsand checked out “free Your Mind”. These guys put lots of hard work into these videos so it is nice when people appreciate it. I also would like to thank thefollowing shops and sponsors who held premieres and donated tons of product.

Thanks again.



Tracker Trucks

Point X Camp
Push Skateboarding
Eisenberg Skatepark
Skatepark Of Tampa
Dream Catcher
Vans Skatepark (Orlando)
Vans Skatepark (Novi)
Vans Skatepark (Phoenix)
Vans Skatepark (Milpitas)
Vans Skatepark (The Block)
Ozone Boardshop
Control Skateboarding
FTC Skateboarding
Urban Snow & Skate