From the Street to the League 9-12-12

DC Shoes Championship Flagship Moment with Ryan Sheckler

Street League presents the Championship edition of the DC Shoes Flagship moment with Street League’s #7 ranking pro Ryan Sheckler. In the best trick section of the Championship, Sheckler had only one attempt of 5 left to save himself from elimination and he put down a huge first try Backside Flip to bump out the 2011 Street League Champion, #5 ranking Sean Malto, and moved on to the Big Section. Watch now.

Monster Mic’d Up with Torey Pudwill Championship Edition

Street League presents a new edition of Monster Energy Mic'd Up. This time we put a mic on Torey Pudwill during the Street League Championship practice session in Newark, New Jersey. Listen to what actually gets said between Pudwill and the other pros in Torey’s first time back since sustaining a broken hand at Stop 1 in Kansas City this year. From his singing debut, to his insightful inner-monolgue, to what Ryan Sheckler, Sean Malto, Chris Cole, Matt Miller and Nyjah Huston have to say to a ‘secretly’ mic’d up Pudwill, don’t miss this final championship episode.

Championship Monster Energy Best Trick Award

Street League presents the 2012 Championship edition of the Monster Energy Best Trick Award. Each of the 3 sections acknowledges the highest scoring trick and the highest trick of the entire contest is awarded the Monster Energy Best Trick Award and a check for $10,000. In the Run Section it was the 2012 Street League Champion Nyjah Huston who scored an 8.7 and in the Big Section Ryan Sheckler scored the highest trick with a Fakie Frontside Flip off the bump for an 8.9. But scoring the best trick of the day was Paul Rodriguez in the Best Trick Section with a first try Nollie Crooked Grind Nollie Front Foot Flip out for a 9.6 which got him the Monster Energy Best Trick Award and $10,000. Watch here.

mophie Championship Charged Up Performance with P-Rod

Street League presents the mophie Charged Up Performance from the 2012 Championship. This goes to the pro at each stop of Street League who most stepped up their game with stand out skating all the way through the contest. At the Championship it was Street League 2012 #2 ranking pro Paul Rodriguez who was in the lead for a good portion of the contest and in the end was just one trick away from a win. Watch now.
Championship Chevy Overdrive Video Recap

A fan favorite – Street League presents the final installment of the 2012 Chevy Overdrive. After each stop of the 2012 Street League series we let all 24 Street League pros back out on to the course for the Chevy Overdrive, a 20 minute open jam session. At the end whomever our judges think had the best session walks away with a check for $10,000. At the last event of 2012 in Newark, New Jersey find out which Street League pro took home the $10G’s. And in the process, sustains a broken foot. Also see which local East Coast legend made a guest appearance and also skated in the insanely intense Chevy Overdrive Jam Session.
Find out now.