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Asta Stars in Chevrolet’s “Street League Firsts”
Chevy Sonic presents a new interview series for the Street League 2012 tour, Street League Firsts. In this new segment Rob Dyrdek asks some of the Street League pros about their Firsts in their skateboarding lives. For its second interview in the series Tom Asta sits down to talk about his first win in a game of S.K.A.T.E. and his first kickflip… WATCH NOW!

Kansas City DC Pro Tour Flagship Moment – Salabanzi
From winning the EU Selection straight to 2nd place at the first stop of 2012 in Kansas City. Street League presents the DC Pro Tour Flagship Moment with Bastien Salabanzi. READ MORE

2012 Kansas City Monster Energy Awards Video
At every stop of Street League 2012, the highest scored trick or run is awarded the Monster Energy Award and $10,000. The skaters with the highest single scores in each section win $5,000 each. In Kansas City, find out who persevered in the Best Trick Section with a Big Spin Frontside Hurricane for a score of 9.4, to take home the Monster Energy Award. Watch what Chaz Ortiz and Bastien Salabanzi had to do to score the highest Run Section and Big Section scores. GET THE DETAILS

Enter to Win the Official Ride of Street League
Have you entered for a chance to win an all new Chevy Sonic? Head over to now to make sure you too have a shot at winning the official ride of Street League Skateboarding… ENTER NOW

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