FTC Contest, Senn Wins Asian X-Games

Paul Rodriguez won FTC’s Flatground Invitational beating out other top contenders like Stevie Williams (2nd place), Pat Washington (3rd place), Reese Forbes, Chico Brenes, and Kenny Anderson.The contest was judged by none other than EMB alumni James Kelch, Jovontae Turner, and Henry Sanchez. Greg Carroll and Clyde Singleton MCed the event.

Skatepark of Tampa is proud to announce that we’re hosting our School’s Out Jam All Ages Contest on Saturday, June 18, 2005. Check skateparkoftampa.comfor more info.

Chris Senn Wins Asian X-Games

Chris Senn’s skateboarding is akin to that of lighting a firecracker that you purchased from some guy in a dark alley. You light the wick and run away because the madness and destruction you’re about to watch is anything but predictable. There is a major difference in that being witness to the explosion of a fire-cracker plays second fiddle, at best, to watching Senn skate. This past weekend in Seoul, Korea, Chris Senn unleashed his trademark style upon the masses at the Asian X-Games and took with him a 1st Place victory in street. Happy to skate anything that can be skated, Chris also accepted the offer to enter the vert contest on a whim and took home a 9th place finish for something he’s not even well known for. Chris…From your Emerican family world-wide…we wish you a heartfelt congratulations!