Full Street & Best Trick Results: Tampa 07

Here’s the official results for Tampa Pro 2007’s street and best-trick contests. Our intrepid young reporter Ben Kelly is busy assembling the photo slideshow… so you’ll see it soon. Meanwhile, have you seen his video of the Finals yet???

1. Eric Koston
2. Jereme Rogers
3. Paul Rodriguez
4. Nick Dompierre
5. Rick McCrank
6. Greg Lutzka
7. Rob Dyrdek (He ain’t just a TV star!)
8. John Rattray
9. Mike Peterson
10. Tommy Sandoval

1. Stefan Janoski – Switch Flip Crooked Grind
2. Gailea Momolu — Nollie Heel Back Tail on hubba ledge
3. Adam Dyet — Kickflip Back Tail Big Spin out