Furby On KR3W

Hawthorne, California’s own Furby is officially down with the KR3W. Here’s the press release:

If you grew up skating a park that the locals proudly call “The Dirty,” you grew up in South Central Los Angeles--the city of Hawthorne to be exact. And if you skated non-stop and watched videos of Tom Penny everyday, then maybe, just maybe, you might end up with some pop like Ramiro “Furby” Salcedo. Seriously, Furbz has been paying dues and killing spots long enough that people have really started to take notice of his smooth style and proper flicks. I mean, how can you not notice a nollie back heel down Carlsbad gap or a nollie flip down that Burbank seven-flat-two? In the words of Antwuan Dixon, “You tight man, you know it, welcome to the team.”