Twenty One-Part Series Capture Local Scene at Select Stops on 2009 Tour

To create each of the three-part web-based episodic video shows, VIRTUE Worldwide, the creative and
branding agency of VICE and VBS.TV, has been following top skaters and BMX riders at selected stops
of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour to get the inside scoop on the local scene. The VIRTUE content team
delves into the lives of the competitors, concluding the journey with their participation in the Gatorade
Free Flow Tour contest. The web series will be similar in structure to a television series, with new
episodes published on a periodic basis.

The series features skaters and BMX riders from five Gatorade Free Flow Tour host parks – Mission
Valley YMCA (Clairemont, Calif.), Warp Skatepark (N. Chicago, Ill.), Ramp Rats (Petaluma, Calif.), M.I.A.
(Miami, Fla.) and Jaycee Extreme Park (Greenville, N.C). The final two series will capture the Gatorade
Free Flow Tour Finals in Salt Lake City, Utah and the four overall winners' experiences at the PlayStation
Pro in Orlando, Fla. All seven series will be broken down into three individual episodes.

The first installment highlights the skate vert scene at Mission Valley YMCA in Clairemont, Calif. The
home of pros such as Danny Mayer, Alex Perelson and Josh Stafford, the three-part series from Mission
Valley will focus on 13-year-olds Sammy Schoonderwoerd and Zane Timpson. The first webisode will
debut on August 14, while webisodes two and three will follow on August 15 and 16, respectively. All
seven web series can be seen on

The complete web series schedule is as follows:

Mission Valley YMCA Clairemont, Calif. July 18-19 14-Aug 15-Aug 16-Aug
Warp Skatepark N. Chicago, Ill. June 20 21-Aug 22-Aug 24-Aug
Ramp Rats Petaluma, Calif. August 2 28-Aug 29-Aug 31-Aug
M.I.A. Miami, Fla. August 16 4-Sep 5-Sep 7-Sep
Jaycee Extreme Park Greenville, N.C. August 30 18-Sep 19-Sep 20-Sep
Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals Salt Lake City, Utah September 17-20 16-Oct 17-Oct 18-Oct
PlayStation Pro Orlando, Fla. October 15-18 6-Nov 7-Nov 8-Nov