Just one of the many 540s that Gavin was throwing out all day. Photo: Durso

Gavin Bottger won the Dew Tour Am Park finals yesterday as the youngest skater ever at Dew Tour LBC! (Read an interview with Gavin) He’s one of our favorites and no photo or video will ever do justice for how incredible this kid really is. Gavin said, “This park is amazing! I’m just having so much fun skating with all my homies,” and it clearly showed. From his huge airs, technical tricks and fluid style, to the constant smile on his face while he hyped up all the other skaters. Yeah, Gavin! Congrats.

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Full results:
1. ) Gavin Bottger, 87.66

2.) Tate Carew, 84.33

3.) Liam Pace, 82.66

4.) Toby Ryan, 80.33

5.) Kiko Francisco, 78.33

6.) Cederic Pabich, 77.00

7.) Taylor Nye, 75.33

8.) Tyson Zane, 73.00

9.) Josh Dirksen, 71.00

10.)Leandre Sanders, 67.33