Gimme All Your Circas!

“Put your hands in the air and give me the Circas! This is a stickup!” Damn, Circas are hot items nowadays; people are stealin’ them straight off of feet. A Pittsburgh news site released the following story:

“Police said a man had his tennis shoes stolen during a robbery on East Carson Street last Wednesday night.

Pittsburgh police said the man was walking along the roadway when he was assaulted by three white men wearing hooded sweatshirts.

While he was on the ground, police said the men stole his black Circa tennis shoes valued at $80.

Local shoe stores said the Circa brand shoes are popular among skateboarders.

“When kids do tricks on skateboards you run your shoe on the grip tape to do the tricks. There is extra stitching in here so they hold up better,” said the manager of The Headboard Shop, Shawn Watson.’I don’t see why someone would steal someone else’s shoes in this day and age.'”

Hey man, the lengths some people will go to so as not to be called a poser by their peers; can’t be rockin’ the Target Shaun White shoes at the skate spot with the homeys without gettin’ at least a few dirty looks …even in this rough economy.