GK Axl II Truck

After a long period of research and development Grind King is finially ready to launch the all new AXL II truck. This truck represents the continued refinement and innovations in truck design that is what Grind King is all about. First off the AXL II is both lighter and stronger than the original AXL. It features hard-top bushings made from a very expensive urethane that does not require any break-in period (will also be sold separately). The superior feel and rebound is noticeable immediately,but this is only half of the revolutionary turning/re-centering system. The real unique part is the patent pending CONCAVE bushing seat (the part where the top and bottom bushings meet in the middle of the hanger). Unlike all trucks to present date that have a flat surface where the bushing sit, the AXL II has a concave seat. This dramatcally increases rebound and re-centering as well as keeping the bushings from popping out of the side that occurs frequently in trucks. The combination of the hard-top bushings and the concave bushing seat is quite noticeable in side-by-side tests. The kingpin has a new head design that is the lower and smaller in diameter than anything out there. This interference-free kingpin works with the radial shaped hanger that is slightly curved to give a better feel and control when grinding. The radial shape also really shows off the V-beam axle which still is the strongest/lightest axle design in skateboard trucks. The baseplate also has been redesigned to be stronger and has a test proven nose shape that feels just right for nose and tailslides. All-in-all the AXL II has set a new benchmark for progressive truck design that will speak for itself as soon as one rides it.