Globe Apparel Signs Chet Thomas

Chet Thomas Joins Forces With Globe Apparel

Torrance, Calif. — October 21, 2002 — Globe International, manufacturer ofthe Globe and Gallaz footwear and apparel brands, announces today theaddition of Chet Thomas to the Globe apparel team. Thomas joins fellowteammate and Canadian-born skater Paul Machnau, building a solid foundationto the Globe apparel team.

“Chet has been a huge part of the Globe family with his invaluablecontribution to our shoe program, so we’re stoked to have him playing asimilar role in the growth of our apparel division, says Tim Garrett, VicePresident of Global Marketing. “Through our partnership with Chet, we havehad incredible success with his pro model shoes and look forward to hiscontinued input and direction on the Globe apparel line.

“I’m very excited to be able to increase my role in supporting the Globebrand and am looking forward to the opportunities this change presentsregarding my relationship with Globe and Paul Machnau,” says Chet. “I’vebeen impressed with the Globe apparel line and look forward to providinginput into the development of future lines.”

Born in Huntington Beach, California, Chet Thomas first hopped on askateboard at the age of 11 and a year later had secured a coveted spot onthe “Bones Brigade Powell Peralta team roster. Chet turned pro with PublicSkateboards at the age of 18, and also skated for other manufacturers duringhis early career, including Santa Cruz, Platinum, and A-Team. After startingDarkstar Wheels in 1997 and pushing himself to the forefront ofultra-technical street skating, Chet launched his own board company,Darkstar Wood in 2000.

Globe launched Chet’s first pro model shoe in 1996 and started a phenomenalsuccess story, which has carried through to Chet’s fifth pro model Globeshoe today. Since the introduction of his first shoe, Chet has beenintimately involved with the design, development and testing of his endorsedproducts. This high level of involvement will now increase with Chet’sadditional role as a Globe apparel endorser.

Globe’s business concepts originated in the early ’90s from the desire todevelop an authentic skateboard and surf footwear alternative for the actionsports market. In 1995, Globe’s rapid expansion prompted the opening of itsGlobe International headquarters in Southern California to serve the boomingU.S. market and the launching of line extensions and additional brands,including: 1) Globe clothing and accessories, 2) Globe Trans Element, acasual footwear line, 3) Gallaz, the first action sports footwear brandspecifically for females and 4) Gallaz clothing and accessories. Supportedby a global team of world-class surfers and skateboarders, Globe and Gallazoffer quality products that integrate style, performance, durability andcomfort. Globe, Gallaz and Globe Trans Element are distributed throughoutthe world. Additional information can be found at