Globe Championship in Dortmund Report.


Globe’s Vanessa Torres Wins First Ever Gallaz Skate Jam InGermany-

Globe has sponsored for its sixth year The World Championship ofSkateboarding, and this yearGallaz introduced to Dortmund the Gallaz Skate Jam Germany.

Bastien Salabanzi won the GWC making it his third StreetChampionship. Beating out a stacked field of skaters including lastyear’s Champion Globe’s Greg Lutzka, Salabanzi took home the $10,000purse and a record breaking three time World Championship.

In the Men’s Street Final it was Salabanzi’s huge b/s kickflip over theWembley Gap and his kickflip f/s boardslide that allowed him tonarrowly inch out the second and third finishers Brazilians DanielVieira and Rodil Junior. Globe’s Paul Machnau charged all weekendinto the final, but his crowd-freaking noseblunt slides on the crazykinked bar were stopped short by Salabanzi giving him the fourth placefinish.

The Westfallenhallen venue would not let the set up crew drill into thefloor, so they hauled in thousands of sheets of plywood and made aseamless course, allowing the skaters to get what appeared to belimitless amounts of speed.Chris Senn the only competitor who attempted the intimidating GlobeLoop, took advantage of the legendary course bygoing full speed at the loop without a helmet andcompleting it on his fourth try. Combine that withBrazilian Sandro Dias’s crazy 900, and it made theevent unforgettable for the fans at Dortmund.Lutzka pre-qualified because of his first placeperformance last year, and the Dortmund fanswelcomed him warmly. Globe Team Manager AlPartanen said, “When they announced Lutzka thecrowd went nuts!

It was Globe’s Vanessa Torres’s smooth f/ssmiths down the big rail that got her first placeagainst Lauren Perkins, and Lyn-z Adams-Hawkins. Torres win put the $2,500 purse in herpocket, her second victory this year and madrespect at the first ever Gallaz Skate Jam inDortmund, Germany.

The Men’s Vert Competition had a few new entries, after coming inthird in her Gallaz Skate Jam final, fifteen year old Lyn-z Adams-Hawkins and her Gallaz teammate Tina Neff both took a crack at Men’sVert. The two ladies placed solid and respectable finishes putting alarge dent in some male egos.

Lyn-z said “Getting third is great result behind Vanessa and LaurenPerkins, I was excited to come and skate the GSJ, and getting to skateguys event was fun.

The team is now off on their first ever European Gallaz Skate Tour,where they invade Germany, Spain and France for filming, shootingphotos and demos, and spreading the consciousness of women’s skatinggenius. Europe, watch out.Add the crazy all night parties with the German hip hop equivalent of50 Cent and the Misfits with special guest on the drums TommyRamone and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable weekend in Germany.Results

Men’s Street

1. Bastien Salabanzi
2. Daniel Veira
3. Rodil Junior
4. Paul Machnau
5. Jo Lorenz
6. Guilherme Zolin
7. Chris Senn
8. Diego Santos
9. Ricardo Oliveira Porva
10. Allan Mesquita
11. Ronnie Creager
12. William Seco
13. Greg Lutzka

Women’s Street

1. Vanessa Torres
2. Lauren Perkins
3. Lyn-z Adams-Hawkins
4. Ianire Elorriaga
5. Monica Shaw
6. Patiane Freitas
7. Sophie Poppe
8. Steffi Weiss