Globe News, Stephen Baldwin

Congrats go out to Paul Machnau and Greg Lutzka for their winnings at the 2004 Summer Gravity Games held this past weekend in Cleveland, Ohio.

Paul Machnau, from British Columbia, took home the first place gold medal for his frontside flip lipslide on the big-rail, in the Gravity Games Best Trick contest on Saturday September 18, 2004.

Greg Lutzka, hailing from Milwaukee Wisconsin, also took home a medal placing 2nd in the Gravity Games Street contest. With Rodil Junior from Brazil taking the first place gold, with last year’s winner Ryan Sheckler coming in 3rd place behind him.

Both Machnau and Lutzka will be skating in the Globe Wildcard Series currently touring the US and Canada. Be sure to check out Lutzka in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin this November, and don’t miss Paul Machnau in his hometown of Vancouver, B.C., as they skate in the Globe Wildcard Series.

Keep your eye out for the Globe Wildcard Series competition coming to your town!

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