Globe Special Edition Shoes

After months of development, Globe is set to debut the two newest additions to its expanding skateboarding footwear collection. Based on two of its best-selling signature series shoes of all time, the special edition Rodney Mullen and Chet Thomas signature shoes will hit stores in Summer 2004 as the company’s most technically advanced and progressive shoes to date. In addition to all the technical features, the Rodney Mullen shoe features a special Tensor logo application and colorway while the Chet Thomas shoe features a special Darkstar logo application and colorway.

The Rodney Mullen special edition features Globe’s new Nitrocel"¢ Dual Density (NCd2) sole, the latest evolution in Globe’s Nitrocel"¢ Impact Control System (ICS) of performance soles. It utilizes a dual density heel air cell with separate inner and outer chambers, embedded in a supportive molded polyurethane midsole. This distinctive design was developed through consultation between Globe’s R&D and top sports podiatrists, and tested by professional skateboarders. The central inner gas chamber is filled to 10 P.S.I. for comfort, cushioning and heel strike protection. The higher pressure outer chamber is filled to 25 P.S.I. to prevent heel roll and increase stability. The superior cushioning of the Nitrocel"¢ Dual Density sole is further enhanced by molded arch shanks which provide additional support and stability. The resulting outsole feels comfortably soft in conventional situations, but has an active rebound property that cradles and stabilizes the foot when rolled towards either side.

Another unique feature of the Rodney Mullen special edition is the sole, featuring three different densities of rubber, each serving a distinct function. “The toe and heel regions are made of high density rubber toenhance abrasion resistance. These areas wear quickly from dragging the toe and heel against pavement,” says Mullen about the design. “The outer area is less prone to wear, but it is the most crucial region of the shoe engagedin flip tricks. The soft rubber in this region provides the most feel and control of the deck.” Mullen continues, “the standing region of the sole is medium density rubber. The intersection of the deep flex lines is carefullyplaced to maximize torsional flex between the heel and toe of the shoe. This milks the shoe’s ability to lie down along the contours of the board for both the front and back foot. The result is that the shoes basically feel broken in straight out of the box.”

The Chet Thomas special edition features a combination soft full grain/high abrasion synthetic/breathable mesh upper and the NCx sole with a high traction outsole design. Additional features include a step-in sock linerwith memory foam for an advanced fit, a direct injected rubber toe cap with CT emblem, optional hidden front two eyelets, a molded polyurethane midsole with PVC shanks for additional support and Nitrocel"¢cushioning.

The Rodney Mullen special edition will be in-stores beginning July 1 and the Chet Thomas special edition will be in-stores beginning August.

Already a professional skateboarder and considered the ‘King of Freestyle’ at just 13 years old, Rodney Mullen’s skills were fully adapted to street skating. For over 20 years, Rodney has pushed the limits of what peoplethought could be accomplished on a skateboard, including inventing a host of tricks. His technical innovations have paved the way for modern skateboarding and have laid the groundwork for just about every skater who has ever flipped their board.

Chet is known for his incredible talents on and off his skateboard. Along with his professional skateboarding career, he owns Darkstar wheel and board company. He began skating at age 11 and was sponsored by age 12. Whetherit is in the street, on mini-ramps, or transitions, Chet is regarded by other pros as one of the best all-around skaters and is notorious for his switch-stance maneuverss.