Globe World Champioships Wrap Up from Dortmund

Torrance, Calif. – July 30, 2002 – Thousands of skateboarding fans showed up at the Westfalenhallen arena July 12-14th in Dortmund, Germany for the 21st annual Globe Shoes World Championships. Spectators went crazy as they watched last year’s winners Bastien Salabanzi and Tony Magnussen repeat their performance and saw Pierre Luc Gagnon step it up on the monstrous vert ramp to claim this year’s first-place titles. The pros in attendance did as they have each year, and that’s treat the crowd to what they came for – pure skateboarding.

On one of the best-designed layouts Germany has ever seen, the street guys took to the course on Saturday and immediately began blistering the ramps and rails. Chad Fernandez, sporting a newly shaved head, laid down a crooked grind down the big rail and Chet Thomas stomped a perfect run with a method off the jump, going right into a kickflip to noseslide on the ledge, followed by a hardflip 50-50 on the center obstacle. And to see Tom Penny skate the course was a sight all its own.

On Sunday, the Globe team, including Chet Thomas, Jayme Fortune, Gershon Mosley, Mike Peterson, Paul Machnau, Renton Millar and Cooper Wilt began by whipping the German crowd into a frenzy with an autograph session at the Monster Skate Magazine booth before the finals. First up were the vert finals, where Rune Glifberg won the ‘hype award’ from the crowd with his big switch tricks, then Andy Macdonald stuck his consistent line of flip tricks and 540 variations. But it was Pierre Luc Gagnon who impressed the judges most with his technical mastery, riding away with first place and all the loot.

Then it was time for the street guys to take the stage once again, but this time for the finals. Chris Senn and Ryan Johnson looked at the course in a completely different way, doing lines that no one else even saw. Senn ollied off the vert ramp (a 15-foot gap) to an 18-inch-wide ledge angled down the big bank. But 16-year-old Bastien Salabanzi went deep into his bag of tricks to pull off a run that included a kickflip nose manual b/s 180 out into a switch 360 flip into a nollie 180 flip before switching back to his normal stance and sticking a kickflip f/s boardslide to fakie. It was a tough call for the judges but they awarded Salabanzi the win over Senn.

Other events that went down in Dortmund included the Vert Legends contest, where returning champion Tony Magnussen edged out Chris Borst and Steve Caballero for first. In the High Air contest, Andy Macdonald went 11.5 feet over the coping to edge out Jurgen Howarth (10 feet) and Terence Bougdour (9.5 feet) for the win. And then there was the “Rocknight” party, where Steve Caballero’s band The Faction and Biohazard worked up the crowd before the police showed up and decided to clear the hall with their batons.

From a small parking lot in 1982 to the 10,000-seat indoor arena in 2002, the Monster Mastership skateboarding event has grown to achieve ‘World Championship’ status. With a world-class field of riders and a course built to make any skateboarder’s mouth water, the Monster Mastership is a must on the professional skateboarding circuit. The skateboarders and their fans have made this event what it is today – not just a contest, but rather a celebration of the skateboarding culture. Thousands of fans make it their mission each year to attend the event, many of which travel hundreds of miles and camp out to get tickets to the sold out event. Today, Globe proudly hosts the legions of skateboarders in attendance at the Globe Shoes World Championships where there’s only one topic at hand – skateboarding.

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1. Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Canada, 22
2. Rune Glifberg, Denmark, 27
3. Andy Macdonald, USA, 28
4. Mathias Ringström, Sweden, 25
5. Lincoln Ueda, Brazil, 28
6. Jesse Fritsch, USA, 23
7. Terence Bougdour, France, 24
8. Buster Halterman, USA, 30
9. Neal Hendrix, USA, 29
10. Sandro Dias, Brazil, 27
11. Mike Crum, USA, 28
12. Paul Zitzer, USA, 30

1. Bastien Salabanzi, France, 16
2. Chris Senn, USA, 29
3. Rodil de Araujo Jr., Brazil, 22
4. Caswell Berry, USA, 18
5. Ryan Johnson, Puerto Rico, 23
6. Rodney Jones, USA, 23
7. Ed Templeton, USA, 29
8. Henning Braaten, Norway, 23
9. Avi Luzia, Israel, 23
10. Carlos De Andrade, Brazil, 23
11. Dayne Brummet, USA, 24
12. Wagner Ramos, Brazil, 22
13. Chris Astrom, Sweden, 26
14. Arto Saari, Finland, 20
15. Chet Thomas, USA, 28

1. Tony Magnussen, USA, 39
2. Chris Borst, USA, 34
3. Steve Caballero, USA, 37
4. Mike McGill, USA, 36
5. Nicky Guerrero, Denmark, 34
6. Steve Salisian, USA, 32
7. Sean Goff, England, 37
8. Bernt Jahnel, Germany, 33
9. Remy Stratton, USA, 31
10. Eric Grisham, USA
11. Eddie Elguera, USA

1. Andy Macdonald (11,5 feet)
2. Jürgen Howarth (10 feet)
3. Terence Bougdour (9,5 feet)