Globe World Cup On Fox April 27

The Globe World Cup Skateboarding event, held in Melbourne, AustraliaFebruary 14th at the famous Rod Laver Arena, will air across North Americaon the Fox Sports Network at 3pm PST/EST on Tuesday, April 27th. Theone-hour program will feature all of the skateboarding action from pros suchas Danny Way, Tom Penny, Geoff Rowley, Paul Machnau, Vanessa Torres and moreand will be re-broadcast throughout the month.

The show highlights all the action from Australia’s biggest everskateboarding event in one of the most highly contested events of the year.Check out footage from the first-ever “Street Riot contest as well as theGallaz Skate Jam street contest featuring the world’s richest purse forfemale skateboarders. Other highlights of the Globe World Cup 2004 include abrand new street course, designed by legendary ramp builder Dave Duncan, anda larger total prize purse of USD$66,500.

Developed as a contest for skateboarders, by skateboarders, “Street Riotpushed the level of competitive skateboarding to a new level this year.Skaters for the high-profile “Street Riot contest were hand picked for the’invite-only’ final. In addition, a select field of invited skaters competedfor the remaining wild card positions before moving on to skate against theinvited top 8 and battle it out for the USD$20,000 first-place prize in thefinals.

By developing a format that pushed the boundaries of skateboarding, Globewas able to secure the interest and commitment from skaters that normallyshy away from competition. As a result, the event showcased some of the mostinsane skateboarding ever witnessed in competition. This year, the “who’swho list of attendees included; Danny Way, Bob Burnquist, Eric Koston, TomPenny, Chad Muska, Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo, Ryan Sheckler, AndrewReynolds, Carlos De Andrade, Mike Vallely, Mark Appleyard, Ali Boulala,Chris Senn, Rick McCrank, Bastien Salabanzi, Arto Saari, Greg Lutzka, PaulMachnau, Tosh Townend, Chet Thomas, Matt Mumford, Chad Bartie, ChadFernandez, Gailea Momolu, Chris Haslam, Daniel Viera, Colt Cannon, DustinDollin, Mike Peterson, Rodney Jones, Nilton Neves, Dayne Brummet, Josh Evin,Alex Gavin, Mike Hastie, Fabrizio Santos, Morgan Campbell, Jeff Williams,Chris Wood, Austen Seaholm, Chris Dobstaff, Ronnie Creager, Corey Sheppard,James Craig, Kris Markovich, Jody Blatch, Tim McDougal, Ryan Smith, EricMercier, Jake Duncombe and Kevin “Spanky Long.

The Globe World Cup is the first and only Australian event sanctioned byWorld Cup Skateboarding (WCS), the recognized world authority in competitiveskateboarding. It’s the biggest skateboarding event ever held in Australia,with non-stop action from the world’s best male and female skateboarders,and kicks off the 2004 World Cup calendar.