The 4th edition of the Grand Prix of Skateboarding in Lausanne, Switzerlandheld from 5-7th July 2002 again added to the progression of streetskateboarding by introducing a new “pool” format for street skateboarding inwhich competitors skated in pools of 6 skaters on the course at a time for 2minutes in the qualifiers and pools of 4 in the semi-finals. This created anexciting “session” style of competition, in which skaters pushed each otherand treated the audience to an amazing display of technical skating on thevast GP 02 street course. The Finals then returned to the single skaterformat, with each of the top skaters given two runs in which they faced themassive GP street course on their own.

On Saturday evening the Vert contest brought GP skateboarding to the centerof Lausanne for the first time, with a massive 90 ft. split ramp set up (60ft. main ramp with angled 30 ft. hip) designed by Vertikal Technik. A hugecrowd formed on multiple levels of the Place d’ Europe to witness anincredible variety of vert talent. Switch genius Bob Burnquist took firstwith a vast array of coping and extension tricks and the show stopping kickflip over the 10 ft. gap, Rune Glifberg was second, going huge his smoothpanther-like style, and Andy MacDonald pulled out ever trick in the book forthird place. The best trick session went completely off the hook with riderspulling all sorts of stunts including dropping in from a construction lift 7ft. above the ramp, and even bonking the lift. Bob Burnquist again took tophonors with a kick flip to hand flip to fakie, Sandro Diaz took second withanose pick on the lift, and Lincoln Ueda skied into a heel flip to handflip.

Saturday Evening also featured Evening Side events including Slap Magazine’s”Deconstruct” photography exhibit and a film festival that includedexceptional skateboarding films such as “DRIVE” and “TIC TAC TO HEELFLIP” aswell as a montage of European skateboarding productions.

Then it was back to the Malley Stadium where a capacity-filled crowd watchedthe semi-finals and finals on Sunday. The truly incredible course, inspiredby famous skate spots around the world and featuring real street materials,allowed for equally incredible skateboarding by the world’s top streetskaters including Eric Koston, Mike Carrol, Arto Saari, Carlo de Andrades,Ali Boulala, Kareem Campbell, Kenny Hughes, Scott Johnson, Colt Cannon,Rodrigo Tx, Chad Fernandez – a total of 75 competitors with a special guestappearance by Tom Penny.

Caswell Berry ended up the victor, with a flawless run fully utilizing theGPcourse. Dayne Brummet also showed his versatility and consistency with aflawless run for second place. Rick McCrank, who had some incredible singletricks, finished in third place. The best trick session saw everyone goingoff, with Cale Nuska taking best trick with a kick flip backside nosegrindonthe Hubba Hideout, Gailea Mamalou doing a nollie backside tailslide to fakieon the Hubba, and the young “Spanky” Kevin Long (who also showed amazingtalent in the semi-finals) doing a switch frontside 180 big spin over thestairs.

Grand Prix Skateboarding would like to thank our sponsors Map Cargo, Lakai,World, Girl, Rivella and Brazil for their continued support in contributingto skateboarding. Also a special thanks to World Cup Skateboarding forsanctioning and judging the event. See you in 2004!