Grind King Artist Search Contest

Grind King Announces “Artist Search” Contest
Venice, CA - March 06, 2008 - If anyone knows the importance of individual style and reinvention, it is Grind King.  In an effort to showcase new talent, they are conducting a worldwide contest for artistic skaters.  An artist application number will be attached with each purchase of an Artist Series set of trucks.  Not only will the winner’s artwork will be manufactured by Grind King, distributed, and ridden all over the world, the artist will also receive a royalty on each truck sold.
Grind King introduced the fusion of art and skate culture with their Artist Series Trucks in September of last year.  This collection featured over 20 artists including  Sket One, Mike Kershnar, Mildred, Justin Barry, Denny Smyth, Jesse LeDoux, Jason Maloney, Mike Maxwell, Josh Taylor, Matt Dobson, Downtimer, Nico Berry, Deli, Taqua, Sean Chilson, Griffin One, Dumperfoo, Analog Memory, Nelson Keene, and Zoso.  They were showcased in an exhibition called Truxtapoz.
Pioneered by Grind King owner Donald Cassel, Dark Horse has set new precedents in style and technology over the years.  Grind King popularized colored trucks and was the first truck company to put graphics on trucks.  Donald Cassel has been innovating and impacting the skateboarding industry for 20 years starting with the release of the world’s first kingpin made specifically for grinds. The Dark Horse Distribution umbrella also includes the brands Dogtown, Termite, Marble Wheel Co., and GromMom.
The Artist Search begins May 1st.