GSD In Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada has cooked up another epic day of fun, friends and freebies for Go Skateboarding Day 2012.
Click over to for the World Premiere of A Test of Mettle (June 21one day only). When you’re nice and stoked, head down to The Plaza for a waffle breakfast with VANS.

While you’re seshing the plaz, cop a FREE LTD Edition GSD2012 Vancouver tee from DC x COLOR and await instruction from the man with the megaphone. He’s got a pocket full of CA$H to give out for the Best Tricks at a special downtown spot (TBA).

BARGE THE VIADUCT! This year skaters are taking over the Georgia Viaduct and shredding out to Strathcona for a BBQ. If Strath’s not your thing, Hastings is also popping off with grilled meats and bowl jam.