Habitat and Official are proud to announce a new distribution partnership beginning in February 2016. With a deep history and under the creative direction of Joe Castrucci, Habitat has remained a consistent source of creativity within skateboarding since its start in 2000. The move comes from a series of connectible dots, relatable circumstances and with an appreciation for how each company’s strengths compliment each other. Drawing on similar values and like-mindedness when it comes to the creative process, natural synergies abound between the two brands.


"Official has anchored itself in skateboarding with its deep commitment to both its skate team and the shops that support us," says brand manager Jeff Landi, "We've built our program based off the examples of brands like Habitat and are looking forward to this amazing opportunity for the growth of our distribution with it's addition" With Stefan Janoski as a long time mutual team rider for both companies, a natural connection formed over time, creating a relationship between the brands that feels and works organically. For Joe Castrucci working with like-minded people is crucial to the continued creative success and growth of Habitat. "I haven't felt this level of cohesive thinking since Habitat's inception. The brand will continue on our originally intended path and evolve into categories we've never truly explored with Official's experience in soft goods and accessories."