Help Support Skatepark Amsterdam

The fight for our future continues!

The Skatepark of Amsterdam has managed to avoid immediate eviction by fighting the city. The Skatepark Amsterdam Foundation can continue to remain in its current location until December 31, 2013. After it will need to move to a new location. Unfortunately, all the profits destined to pay rent were squandered away to lawyer fees, €20,000 to be exact. This amount is now missing to pay the rent for this year, which means that we might not even get to January 2013. This means that 36,000 kids, skaters, parents and friends will lose a socially valuable place. It not only offers a place for people to come hang out, it also offers a space for kids to get valuable exercise.

In these difficult times, we call upon the citizens of the world for help. If we can get 20,000 people to donate €1 euro each, we will hit our goal and the skatepark will be saved for another day. We are making medium/long-term plans which will help ensure the longevity of the park for the following 10+ years. Your help today will help keep this park alive during the crucial short-term period. The government has refused to help the youth and we call upon you to assist us in bringing the park into 2013.

Thank you in advance for your help. A quick donation will go a very long way! Let's prove to the city that we are strong and we can unite to support a great cause.

You can help us by donating money to the following account:

Account: ABNAMRO: 8087 89 430.

Iban: nl13ABNA0808789430


Do not forget your email address in the description to indicate.