Hit The Deck (Art Show Alert!)

For you Angelinos, Oranginos, and just plain SoCal hipster trash out there, mark yer calendars: We’ve got a serious skart show for you. Keep reading for the full press release and, hey, regular TWS contributing illustrator Travis Millard will be showing work. So you know it’s gonna be spicy.

Subliminal Projects Presents

Hit The Deck

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 31, 2007
8:00pm – 11:00pm

Exhibition Dates
March 31, 2007 – April 21, 2007

Synthesis presents Hit The Deck, an original art showcase of artists from around the world using skateboarddecks as the medium. Hit The Deck will exhibit at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles, on March 31st until April21st. Alan Weibel will curate Hit The Deck for Synthesis, bringing together clothing designers, graphic designers,graffiti writers and established fine artists for an opportunity to show and sell their original skateboard deck art toraise money for a world renowned AIDS, malaria and teburculosis treatment charity, the Global Fund.

Subliminal Projects was created by artists Shepard Fairey and Blaze Blouin in 1995 as an artist collective, usingskateboards as a fine art medium. By expanding beyond skateboards and apparel to include fine art prints, thegroup began drawing the attention of Aaron Rose, curator of Alleged Gallery in New York. As a result, Subliminalis one of the key groups responsible for cementing the relationship between the skateboard culture with the fineart world, working with then-unknown artists such as Phil Frost, Thomas Campbell, Mike Mills, Dave Aaron,Shelter Serra and Mark Gonzales. By reintroducing Subliminal Projects to the current art scene, Shepard andAmanda Fairey continue to promote collaborations in the form of publications, art shows, and events betweenartists of varying disciplines. The resurrected Subliminal Projects is located on the second floor of the WilternTheater Building in the heart of Los Angeles, operating in the space formerly occupied by BLK/MRKT Gallery.

Since being formed in 2002, The Global Fund has committed over $7 billion to 460 programs in 136 countries.Treating 770,000 people for HIV and AIDS, The Global Fund has now nearly 9 million people with voluntary HIVtesting. The Global Fund has helped more than 1 million orphans with care and support and treated more than22 million people for tuberculosis. With world governments struggling to meet these challenges, Hit The Deck, itssponsors and its artists are proud to be raising money for such a noble cause.

Current confirmed artists (in alphabetical order as of 3-2):Abe Aguilar, Alone, Aye Jay, B+, Jeben Berg, BISHOP203, Jason Brunson, Freddi C, Chachi, COPE2,DOWNTIMER, Jared Eberhardt, Emek, eThos, Casey Fay, Maria Gillespie, HAZE XXL, Mat Held, Homeroom,Jib Hunt, INDIE, Patrick Jilbert, Josh Kenyon, Ben Kwok, Mathew Landon, Tara Laura, Matt Loomis, AmandaLopez, Murphy Martinez, Rob McBroom, Travis Millard, Elisa Millier, Mishka NYC, Miskeen Originals, DanMonick, Garrett Morin, Munk One, Colby Nichols, PASTIME, Jesse Raker, Marco Rached, Jeremy Relph, KerenRichter, Alfred Rodriguez, Romanowski45, SAFARI, Isabel Samaras, Mike Shinoda, Keith Shore, Skinner, SianaSonoquie, Josh Taylor, George Thompson, To DIe For, TopR, TRACY 168, Alex Turan, Barry Underhill, Porous Walker, Aarons Winters, Jamie Zeff, Z-Man