Hollywood: The Captain Is Out!

Hollywood: “The captain is out and the sailors have taken over the ship.

In light of the surprising news to all of us of Kris Markovich’s departure from Hollywood, the rest of the Hollywood team which includes Don “Nuge” Nguyen, Dorian Tucker, Charlie Thomas, Justin Roy, James Atkin, Richie Belton, Phil Ladjanski, DJ Chavez, along with Tum Yeto will continue to rock the Hollywood program forward. We are all excited about the progress of Hollywood as a brand as it’s still in its infancy and just beginning to show its focused identity and its full potential. Especially considering the current market conditions, we want to give Hollywood the full opportunities for success as the market cleans up and shows positive growth.

We are planning for a new pro to be announced at spring ASR and will be showing trailers of the up coming spring video that has been in the works for some time now.

Persistence and determination.