There are many amazing people out there progressing adaptive sports these days, and one of them is Matthew Hawkins, creator of A.S.K. (Adaptive Skate Kollective)—A 501c3 charity that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to become more active (specifically on skateboards) while also teaching them how to give back to their own adaptive communities by relaying the information and skills they learn at A.S.K. events.


A.S.K. emphasizes battling against ableism by teaching disabled (and non-disabled) people of all ages that inclusion and information are the key to bringing about change in the mindset of most people about what disable people can and can't do.


"We want you to ask," Hawkins says. "Why are we different? How are we the same? Once you take the stigma away, it becomes a difference of like…what shoes you're wearing. How are we supposed to learn if no one will teach us?"


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