Hypocrisy Distribution Launches New Skate Company

Hypocrisy Distribution is pleased to announce that they are officially open for business. Hypocrisy is a grassroots, politically inspired skate company based out of San Diego. The idea is simple – Hypocrisy: the practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.

“This is a perfect time for a company such as Hypocrisy to hit the scene.” Remarked PR director Will Talbott. Hypocrisy is using the upcoming 2004 presidential election to launch its politically motivated marketing strategy. Hypocrisy is relying on media coverage to familiarize the public with the major players in the 2004 presidential election, then taking those candidates and using them for product promotion.

This politically inspired company may be geared towards a slightly older market, but Hypocrisy hopes that informed youth will also take an interest in the company. “We understand that the majority of the skate industry is made up of 12-17 year olds,” commented Will. “You can bet these kids will be following this election whether they want to or not, in their current event classes in schools.”

Hypocrisy is taking no political stance; its goal is to allow people to view its product and decide for themselves which side they take on the issue.

If you are interested in learning more about Hypocrisy Distribution and what it has to offer please check out our web site at: www.hypocrisydistribution.com or you can contact them directly at info@hypocrisydistribution.com. To order product please contact our sales department at sales@hypocrisydistribution.com.

Thank you and remember: VOTE IN 2004!