IASC Meeting Summary

Meeting number four again chaired by Robert Valerio. Discussion by committee commenced.

Steve Van Doren, from the fund-raising committee, proposed a detailed fund-raising event that would include all aspects of the industry: manus, retailers, and consumers. Budgets, financing, operation details, possible dates, and locations were all discussed and assessed, evaluated, and planned. Any inquires, ideas, or assistance of fund-raising should be directed at SteveVanDoren@SkateboardIASC.org.

Don Brown suggested some other ideas for fund-raising that included “learn to skate” videos/DVDs, member sticker packs, industry awards events, art shows, and even an industry hair-shaving event.

Bod Boyle, also from the fund-raising committee, introduced a possible benefits and dues package that looks promising. The premise is that IASC will bring value to paying members through focused efforts to increase participation, and tangible value through cost-saving programs and information. This membership drive includes all factions of skateboarding, from the manufacturer to the local skatepark developers, nonprofit associations, and management companies. The main idea is to bring together all factions of skateboarding and provide a supportive vehicle to give skateboarding the opportunity to stand united.

IASC also discussed short-and long-term membership goals including but not limited to information sources, shop listings, calendars, links, market research, group insurance discounts, shipping discounts, and trade-show discounts.

Don Brown highlighted the importance of promoting the act of skateboarding, and most importantly, having goals that provide awareness and the further developing of skateboarding’s grassroots through youth programs, camps, and skateparks. The idea to develop a fund dedicated to these causes was hailed. It is also noted that IASC has a long-term goal to facilitate and support a retailer association to benefit the core retail shops of skateboarding-the ones that are there for skateboarding through the thick and thin.

Calling all artists and designers! The IASC Marketing Committee is requesting submissions from creative skateboard enthusiasts to design the IASC “experience.” We need a brand identity and look and feel that reflects all factions of skateboarding not just one (i.e., street, vert, slalom, etc,). The IASC symbol should be one of skateboarding expression and unity. Ideas should be submited to Per Welinder at PerWelinder@SkateboardIASC.org. Welinder and Brown presented several illustrations by artists from their respective companies (Blitz Distribution and Sole Technology) at the meeting. The consensus was that more input was needed from the vast creative influences in skateboarding-so get to it.

Jeff Kendall from the setup committee reported on the readiness to post requests for résumés for the Executive Director position, of which Interim Executive Director Jim Fitzpatrick is also a candidate. Please forward any potential candidates or résumés to JeffKendall@SkateboardIASC.org, or FAX: (831) 459-7820.

Tod Swank, from the setup committee, requested profiles of the Board of Directors for posting on the IASC Web site. This decision was based on inquiries from interested parties wanting to know more about the IASC Board of Directors and Executive Director.

The Web site, www.SkateboardIASC.org, has been temporarily modified to be more functional in this interim period. All meeting summaries since the inception of the new Board of Directors are available, as well as current IASC member companies and contact information. Please forward any events for posting to TodSwank@SkateboardIASC.org.

Rob Valerio, from the finance committee submitted three budgets for the IASC based on different income levels. These were reviewed and discussed for realistic overhead and necessary operation expenses. A request to define marketing expenses was expressed. The deciding factor will be the amount of money thatt can be raised to support the nonprofit IASC. On that note, there may be some problems with the original federal filing of the IASC. Valerio is continuing to finalize the situation. If anyone is willing to contribute his or her expertise in this field, please contact: RobValerio@SkateboardIASC.org.

We are proud to welcome Sole Tech and Quiksilver to the IASC member companies. Josh Friedberg also inquired about 411VM becoming a member company. Interested parties should contact Jim Fitzpatrick at: nosewriter@AOL.com about becoming an IASC member.

Other Issues At Hand

In regards to USA Rollersports and the Olympic Committee: The Board drafted a letter indicating to the Olympic Committee that USA Rollersports is not involved in skateboarding in any way and to contact the IASC for further information. This letter will be distributed to IOC and the USOC as well as within the skateboard industry.

Mission Statement Of The IASC

“The mission of the International Association of Skateboard Companies is to represent the global skateboard community as a united force by listening, understanding, and acting on the needs of skateboarders and the skateboard industry.”

Contact IASC at www.SkateboardIASC.org or BoardofDirectors@SkateboardIASC.org